Financial Mathematics

In this text, the theoretical foundations of financial mathematics and its practical application are studied.

The book presents a complete and updated coverage of techniques that can be employed in financial valuation and provides the reader with the knowledge, criteria and skills necessary for financial analysis and adequate decision-making, reflecting the new and important developments which have been given in the matter.

This book does not use numerical tables of any kind, as these values ​​can be obtained with calculators, that have at least exponential and logarithmic functions using the respective formulas. All mathematical formulas used in the work have the respective demonstration.

The book is eminently practical and is designed as a self-study tool. During its drafting, the author has tried to expose theoretical concepts as clearly as possible, with emphasis on its practical application.

To facilitate understanding of the subject, each chapter contains an ample variety of examples that illustrate different types of situations, as well as questions and problems for self-assessment.

The text incorporates the author’s twenty-five-year professional and teaching experience.

The book is intended for use by university students, as well as managers, directors and business administration professionals.